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Do you guys know user named its'a me?

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Gyai Mak!  I've had that done to me before as well, maybe some years ago!  I guess some of the admins abuse their power from time to time!


Please join me at the local 'AAA' meeting.  (Admin Abuse Anonymous).  


I noticed a couple other admin changes:

- I can't join marines if I select marines on a new map that has me challenged from seeing the Marine uniforms against a similar colored map background.  They most likely made a script for that to stop the joining specific sides thing and I'm guessing a lot of non-color blind players were doing that.

- I am 1 side of the Nemesis thing.  So even if I come in with a different nick to perhaps record a suspect player - for example., maybe I come in as 'Doo Dads'?  Then at some point the screen will show NEMESIS: Mak 5 : Doo Dads 0.  LOL  so that kind of blows my cover right there, oh well.



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