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qkNorris v. NJA-Lunar, Jam State Case #565 U.S. 400, (2022)

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Because I know its going to come up, there is one piece of footage im missing - from the game on Bloc, after I typed that petty might be walling.

Part of what we were discussing on Wet Work is that Lunar believes I am guilty because when he said 'you cant see names through walls' to which I replied, 'yes you can, they fade out after a few seconds' - because I looked at my screen and saw a teammates name do that just after he entered that message. 

I was completely unaware at that point he was trying to accuse me of something, and thought he was referring to pettybone seeing or not seeing them, and I also wasn't really aware that you couldn't see names in killcams until....  now essentially - after looking back at this footage.

TLDR: I said someone snapped onto three names with aimbot, which does not imply that I can see names through walls. It implies that I think the other person can. (I was also somewhat certain I did see my name in the killcam when questioned on it but... whatever) Being ambushed by Lunar doesn't make for a great time to try and make a clear and concise defense over text message.

I'd appreciate if other admins took this ticket to avoid bias. 


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You seem to think that I banned you because I don't like you. While you are correct that I don't particularly like you, I do have standards and I'm pretty sure I've never banned or kicked anyone simply because I don't like them. I banned you because a statement you made implied that you could see names through walls and you tried to justify it when questioned.

Allow me to add the missing pieces. The chatlog screenshot below reads bottom-to-top.

You accused pettybone of snapping to 3 names through walls. However, that statement alone implies that you saw 3 names through walls. Picking up on the impossible, I asked you how you see names through walls and your response was "teammate names." Rather than correcting yourself you tried to justify it like it was normal. That really reads like you think it's normal to see names through walls.

1 hour ago, qkNorris said:

I was completely unaware at that point he was trying to accuse me of something, and thought he was referring to pettybone seeing or not seeing them,

If you really thought that I was referring to pettybone why did you respond within seconds as if I was asking you? This just makes me more suspicious that you slipped up and now you're trying to cover it up as admin abuse.

Your response with clips that you have recorded through whatever streaming/screen recording software aren't actually as clear-cut proof as you may think because, as I told you in game, "lots of streaming software hides cheats from the recording." Though a more accurate statement is that there are lots of ways to hide cheats from streaming software.


Also, just to clear things up, you're not that special. If I see someone team stacking or advertising in game, they get the exact same treatment you do. I do admit though, I don't see everything that happens in the server and so sometimes people do get away with things.


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Also want to point out it was over 20 minutes between when you tried to justify being able to see names through walls and when you finally stated that you don't see names through walls.

Another thing I forgot to mention is your GUID changed between when you left to upload the video and when you re-joined. Could be coincidence but it really does lead me further to believing something doesn't quite add up.


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If you really thought that I was referring to pettybone why did you respond within seconds as if I was asking you?

Part of the problem here with the whole situation is that its putting me in this odd backtracking situation, having to make the appeal post and having to defend myself in chat without being able to view the logs and having to go off memory. Which is the whole reason you accused me in the first place - I spoke from memory of the killcam I just watched.  From the logs, (which thank you for posting) it's incredibly clear you were talking to me. 


When you questioned me my first thought was "oh god here we go, hes going to try and twist this" because I was fairly certain I had seen nametags, but I wasn't even concerned whatsoever about writing that in chat until you said something about it - because I knew immediately where it was headed. My reply about teammates names is still valid and I stand by it - I thought you could see teammates names in killcams the same way you can in game. I referenced my alive teammates that were on screen when saying that. 


Of course, being able to actually review the logs I do see your point and understand your suspicion - I figured your take would be I slipped up. For what my word is worth, I promise its just a bad line of misunderstanding.


On the note of not being special and team stacking, it really does feel targeted. Ever since that kick for swapping teams, I've had people specifically ask me to swap teams to balance them to which I have to say no. Then someone else switches and they don't get banned, while you were typing in chat just moment ago. Understandable that things can get missed, but it feels like its only really enforced on me when i've never swapped to the better team intentionally, only to the losing or outnumbered one.


I've done quite a few livestreams of cod4 where you can see my mousepad, and even a few where you could see my monitor via camera because one of the players was calling me out (I believe it was Irene?) I'd really like to not be banned here for something this silly - would it be a reasonable solution if I start streaming cod4 again but with my head, physical monitors, mouse, and keyboard in view of the camera at all times? that way any software cheat hiding wouldn't be able to apply. Cod4 is really one of my favorite late night / rainy day things. I can't listen to music while playing the other games I stream like dayz either.

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I'm open to writing this off as a simple misunderstanding.

I am curious if you have anything to say about your GUID changing? I edited my last post to add it so you may have missed it.


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Actually no, I have no idea why my GUID would change. My IP address may have changed because I use windscribe to get better routing to the server, (comcast sucks). I drop from 103 ping to 80 ping when using a VPN - but my GUID should have been the same. 


if cod4 GUID's are tied to the steam profile it should be the same one associated with Steam Community :: qkNorris


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Appreciate it. I'll still make an effort to stream with the monitor cam more frequently whenever im on, not just for butt covering but also it'll help keep the server population higher - people always are surprised there are still cod4 severs kicking. 

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A few points,

We've had some issues in the past that ended up with us just banning advertizing of any kind for anything. It's in the rules and has been for 9 years. If we don't stay hard-nosed on this we get accused of double standards.

While it seems Lunar has made his feelings towards you clear, you're free to talk in the server lol. We're not going to ban you for having an opinion. This was a special case, and wouldn't have happened without the coinciding GUID weirdness.

As far as Pettybone goes. There are any number of explanations for that twitching and the fact that it's a killcam doesn't help.

It's nice dealing with someone who can form complete sentences, so thanks for that.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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