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Question for Admin team


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Why would we care? As long as they're not breaking our rules in our server I don't think it really matters.

The only exception I would even consider is if we were provided with undeniable proof that they were using some sort of cheat. It would have to be really solid proof.



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To add if I may,

I've played this game since launch.  There is a difference between not allowed tactics (server rules but otherwise game lets you do it) and cheat engine/modification to the game (hacks).  I've tweaked my settings/profile to my likening using only what's available in console commands.  I upgraded headphones and DAC to dial in the frequency range of audio that suits me and headphones that have very good imaging.

So what does that all mean?  Well for one, if I try an play on a vanilla fresh install, with terrible FOV, eye candy that makes me see nothing, crappy speakers or low volume, I suck...really bad.  For my style of play, being able to hear is very important in this game, it's why I prefer to play when population is low and constant gunfire isn't happening.
But what it also means is I've been banned from a few servers because they thought I must be cheating, but in fact I have never installed a cheat engine even to just try it for this game.
You don't play the same game for 14+ years if you are just cheating and getting pointless high score.

So ya, the number of less well moderated servers that you get banned from should not be relevant, and I'm glad its not here.

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This is all well and good, and I am glad I asked.

The player in question stated that he was banned from 20 servers when we were talking about his sus play, so I had to ask :-)

And yes, sound is hugely important to playing this game - but as I am getting older it becomes more difficult as the ol' ears have become more damaged from 'gunfire'! lol.

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