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Please Unban


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Hello people.

Could you please unban me? I jokingly called AstraNovus a gay lover for provoking me, and got banned for that. I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt somebody's feelings.

Somebody told me it was for seven days only, it's been more than three weeks now. 

The other day I tried to discuss it, but was kept kicked out I believe by Lunar. 

Anyways, I apologize and promise not to call anybody a gay lover again. Unban me please. Please and thank you. 


Hikari Nozomi

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I don't comprehend why you're so caught up with this "gay lover" nonsense. Whatever your reasoning, I banned you for 7 days for repeatedly harassing other players. You clearly learned nothing and couldn't even keep it together for 1 hour after your return.

I am curious though. How are the roundabout ways working for you?



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If I may,

You started harassing our players and wouldn't listen to any warnings. So Lunar temp-banned you for a week. Then, rather than making a post here as was suggested, you hop IPs trying to dodge the ban. Getting banned again whist bragging about getting around it. After that you have some random from another server come and try to make a plea on your behalf... Once again in the game and not here.

I could make that ban permanent based off the dodging alone. So do you really want to take that tone?

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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You still have yet to answer my question. Instead you have resorted to spamming admins and accusing me of trolling. Even as you posted this you were attempting to spam the server.

Every single thing you've done since I initially temp banned you has given me more and more reason to completely disregard anything you have to say.


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