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@bic: No Recoil

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I can't believe I'm seeing this but unless its something to do with his 90 to 100 ping he's out there rattling off a Barrett with no recoil....

Never thought I see him doing this crap.... always been clean as long as I've known him.


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Good catch, petty.

Sniper rifle recoil sometimes glitches for spectators so it will look like they don't have recoil for awhile. I thought that was what happened here; however I just pulled another recording of him with no recoil using an AK. He's banned.



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Glad you got that Petty. I had been playing Bog with him last week, and he was clearly tracking me through the bus - abruptly changing direction when I did. I wasn't able to catch him later while recording, so I never posted. JD said he was keeping an eye on him too. Never understand why folks revert to hax.


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