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Hey Net Jam Staff,

This is Frim Fram/FRIMFRAM and I am requesting to have my ban lifted.

I think I was drunk and saying how someone named colorsguy was like colored people or something?

And then I changed my name like 10 times to stupid sayings and stuff I honestly barely remember but somethng about colored people??

I have no hate for anyone of any color or race or anything like that.

I miss playing with you all :(

Idk what else to say yall.... I just was having fun making fun of that guys name that's all.

I wont do it again.  I won't even bring up any type of people ever again.

I legitly forget.  But I think it was around Sunday 6am EST? or Sunday 3amEST? something like that.

Anyhow I really miss Net-Jam and I am deeply sorry if I offended anyone.

Please consider lifting my ban.

I will discuss further if necessary but I seriously remember only bits and pieces as I was indeed inebriated.

It was my first day off after working 8 consecutive days so I went a little to hard on the sauce if you know what I mean....

But seriuosly I don't think racist jokes are funny at all I actually hate that stuff.

Thanks for reading!

ALL LOVE!!!!!!!!


ONLY NAME IS FRIMFRAM FROM NOW ON ;-)               <<<<3333333

I'm from ZeroAlpha i'm sorry uwu





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FRIMFRAM, I banned you for the content that you can see attached. I take a dim view of anyone who allows their moral compass to be so easily affected by their workload and state of intoxication. Get some standards and live by them.

After looking at your appeal and the perplexing images that accompanied it, I have lifted your ban. Consider this your last warning.


FrimFram Chatlog.png


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Thankee, Sai. I was trying to actually make a statement about the other guys name.... U can see I was trying to call attention to his name and well if he can make his name colorsgiy then etc all the shit i write. Doesnt make it right n u prob dont believe me but i was in shock of mods allowing HIS name. But I hear ya loud n clear never worry again. Wont happen again.


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