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'qkNorris' CFG edit? aim assist?


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I'm no admin but I thought I'd give my input, take it with a grain of salt.  I've been keeping an eye on him, he seems like an exceptional player.  I'm not so sure about the faster movement but his vision/reaction time seems extremely fast.  I know some CFGs make player models stand out more from the map, so that might be playing a part here.  Whether that's against the rules or not is up to the admins.  Personally, I don't see any aim assist in those demos, but I can tell he's using the UAV quite liberally (the way he goes for wallbangs and pre-aiming but not so much that it screams wallhacks).

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On 4/8/2021 at 12:35 AM, 2old4this said:

Plays like he has at least CFG edit for high fps, moves faster than regular players. I'm sure he'll claim to be spamming keyboard, etc.




qkNorrisCFTG1.dm_1 1.02 MB · 1 download qkNorrisCFTG2.dm_1 1.01 MB · 1 download

Came back from the dead to reply to this thread.

You have to be joking... CFG edit for high FPS? Are you going to sit here and say that you want to play games at low FPS? Does that make the experience more cinematic for you or something? Just so you know, any time you make a change to your in game settings panel, it changes that same config file.

With that ridiculousness out of the way, he moves slow. Like.. I've seen extremely good players play this game. Unfortunately Norris isn't one of them. He isn't cheating, and there is nothing about his movements that should give anyone the feeling that he is "speed" hacking. No offense to Norris.




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