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Requesting review of ban


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Hi guys, my screen name is "Dad".

I played over 100+ times after moving from H4X due to their server upgrade. I last played yday (19JAN2021).

Today I attempted to  play at 1142 EST 20JAN202,1 but was kicked out and told I was "banned".

I'm not sure why I was banned.

I did report two players (Shazzam.dow? and one other yesterday) because they seemed to be using either aimbot or wall hack.

I asked them if they were hacking. Then when it continued, I reported them using the !report command as I'd done when I was Admin with FF years ago.

I'd like to request a review of my ban and lifting of it. I do not cheat and I am not vulgar. 

Thank you.

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                                               Re: COD4 Ban on your server

Hi Gryphus_1

My current screen name is PineApple (keycode - *REMOVED*)

I played on your server over 100+ games also and can't remember when I got banned but please I also would like to request a review of my ban and lifting of it.

I do not know why I was banned but I can tell you that the COD4 I'm using is pirated and maybe forgot my key code here and there and been changing it as well as my name cause I get bored using the same name.

I'm no perfect person and have used hacks and key binds in the past, but have long since repented as it is not fair and started my journey with Aim Hero which greatly helped me in my aim and reflexes.

You have a great server and I don't know what to do or say but I apologize.

Looking forward to a favorable reply.


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