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I spat out my tea

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I have changed your reply to apply to me :-)

"To be fair, you could be 0-17 and get a lucky first kill by a spray bullet when missing another player and be called a hacker so..."

But yes, it does not take much. To be honest there is/has been so much cheating you cannot blame anyone for being suspicious. I mean you just have to look at top drawer players that have been banned here after how many complaints/comments? It takes time to get the evidence (been there, done that), unless you get lucky with a demo. At CDN Shire a couple of times we took the view that if there was such an elite player and all they generated was complaints we asked them to move on and find another server more suitable to playing level, and the other regulars were fed up with just being fodder for stat padding.

I think the server staff have been a bit more responsive of late to calls for help in game - which is always good to see, and is greatly appreciated by us mere mortals.

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