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Ban Appeal for user "Plague Knight"

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Howdy, so, I sent this on "Contact us" as well because I didn't know when my e-mail would let me receive my confirmation link. Anyways, as said in that message, I was playing on NJ with a fellow who was formerly named something beginning with "Fick". Now, every time I refer to someone who's name can be abbreviated, I abbreviate it, and so I called this player "Fick" in the chat. However, I was warned that Fick is a swear word. I admit, I didn't think the next few steps through during the argument we had (he was being annoying and all, saying camping is, and I quote, "sh!tty" and how he called me "plague cvnt"), but I referred to him as Fick in almost every sentence directed towards them. I got my 4 warnings, and got the 0 minute temp ban. I waited for my ban to end, and then I logged back on. This time, fick changed their name to "Plague Pro", which I believe was meant to be an insult towards me (even if I only laughed at how desperate he was to insult me). Anyhow, I've called them Sie once to not use the term "Pro" or "plague", as it would either inflate their ego or just cause confusion between Plague Knight and Plague Pro. However, I accidentally called them Fick again and got banned (I don't know for how long for the time being). If I recall correctly, Capo and Slork was on when I got banned, so they might be able to provide some evidence (although this is completely optional for them). 


Abbreviated, I'm saying that I called someone by their abbreviation and got banned because Fick was considered a swear word. Thanks for looking at this, and please resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

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The auto-warning system was auto-kicking you with the 0-minute temp ban. Warnings do not reset immediately after an auto-kick, so repeated infractions may result in another auto-kick.


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2 minutes ago, Plague_Knight said:




Sorry for sounding like an idiot but it didn't let me in for about 4 hours (I went to sleep after that). Its good now, and sorry for any trouble, I'm new on this website.

There was another issue that I have since resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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