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Net-Jam Bolt Server

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Several people have requested that we set-up a bolts-only server. How would you like to it set-up?


Shotgun secondaries? Pure bolts? Low gravity? Potatoes?


Speak now or complain later.



""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Little late to the party but I would love to see a bolts only server!

Back in the day I used to play on FF Bolts which had a big following. The configuration was as follows:

  1. Only the M403A and R700 are allowed
  2. No secondary
  3. No airstrikes or UAVs (would be great if you could continue getting UAVs at higher killstreaks to replace)
  4. No Knifing
  5. No flash bangs, grenades, stuns, or any explosives. Only smoke grenades allowed.
  6. Team deathmatch
  7. Small maps like Kill house and Shipment should be part of rotation - super fun to force people to learn to quickscope.

I think this would be a super fun gamemode to bring back! I know a few old bolts players would stick around to populate the server.

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I like the sound of that waffles, when I first started off on COD4 many years back. I lived and breathed Bolts only. Hard to come by a good server these days with custom rules like you mentioned. 

the Nostalgia would hit hard. 


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None of it!  *also late to the party.

I want the paintball mod!  Spread peace and love with colored balls.  OK - you might be going there, I did not!


In all seriousness, it's rare that the main server is full these days.  Not like it used to be (full + 2-3 ppl in queue at all times).   I think the server is fine the way it is.  Consider an idea to bring back 'promod' on the 2nd server if that's still being offered.





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