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Yet another fake complaint, honest

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Ok, so I have a friend that was playing on this server all but 12 minutes, then someone logs on and tries to mimic her name. To me, it seemed like a form of disrespect.

You can see in the attached screeny that my friend sent me to show you, that she was having a decent roll and then out of nowhere, this person show up named, "Crootie(Jpn)".

The likenesses are too close to be a coincidence and I feel that this was on purpose.

I just wish we could live in a world where we all are very nice to each other from at least 6 feet away.

Just Sayi...er..typin'.



"When I got in to ask and talk to you you were just keeping kicking me..." - HikariNozomi (Dec. 20, 2021)

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