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Hello, I really enjoy playing your server. I was just wondering if you guys ever considered running any custom maps or having 2 servers. 1 for stock maps and 1 for custom maps or a mixed server. I think it would be great either way. Just thought I would ask and run it by you guys.
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Hi Big D,

Thanks for the suggestion. We used to have custom maps but, there was not enough interest from all the players so they went away. I am not sure that a second server is feasible at the moment. I think many others share your opinion. I'll try to find out whether we can add maps.


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Sounds good Boards. Thanks for replying. I just thought I would throw it out there because I used to belong to a clan a few years back and we had 2 servers. 1 was stock and 1 was custom and it seemed like it really brought in a lot more committed players and donors who liked the choice of both. But I am sure even a mixed server would do good.
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