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If it helps any I think this is the CounterNJ I saw you all talking about in an earlier reported thread, if it helps any I noticed (if it helps with identifying him on the spot, I bought this game when it came out and never seen a hack like this so it is pretty new):

1. When the name changes, the kill count is reset to 0 for that name, but his death count does not always reset.
2. Kill count is not always accurate you will see the cloned name start at 0 watch him kill 5, tab back to scoreboard and only see maybe 3 of those kills reported.
3. Also rank does not change at name cloning, he was on a lower ranked account at the time so it made his name changes easy to follow.
4. And of course he was able to bypass cloned name kick, luckily it did not effect the legit players when their names were cloned.
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