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twotimeZZ help please i want back in!


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Dragon gave you a lot of warning on this, even a kick, but still you kept ignoring. Advertising includes links of any sort and in this case it was you advertising your twitch link. If you stay true to your word Dragon has no further objections.
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okay, thankyou for responding sir. and to Gryphus, i hadn't been spamming at this time of ban and i was not warned or kicked! how could u ban me out of no where without saying a word! now i have to hang by a thread! there is no other server to play in i was enjoying myself!
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Follow this link and read what it says regarding posts in chat. You have been showing your message for weeks and received multiple warnings from admins. You obviously did not ask permission to advertise your Twitch site and are now suffering the consequences. We have rules in place for a reason. Read this:



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