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Thank you Net-Jam for helping me through a dark time

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Wasn't sure where to post this, but I just wanted to say thank you to Net-Jam for helping me get through medical school and residency sanely. The long hours, tough attendings, sick patients, etc... made those few years of my life super difficult, and COD4 (and more specifically the net-jam server) was my one escape. It gave me an outlet and relatively healthy way to vent. So just wanted to share my gratitude for that. I love this server and I'm probably going to be playing for the rest of my life :)

P.S. If anyone is ever in need of any medical advice or questions, I'm always available.

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We're glad to have you here Bearman! You make the server better - maybe offsetting guys like me - ha! I'll get Truth to message you privately about this rash he caught a few weeks ago at a party - it sounds nasty! :)

Keep your stick on the ice!

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