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homo erectus

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The demo shows UAV status, but not the radar itself. In any case, the radar didn't help me much here. I think most of the enemy team had UAV jammer. I was able to get so many kills because they were spawning near me and not looking at the roof. I don't think there's anything too crazy in this demo. Just keeping high ground and moving spots.
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I apologize for the delay.

I'm overturning this LTK. This would have been borderline at best, but more than once he followed through on players who were already killed.

Bonezee, based on the demos I've seen, I don't think you're hacking but I seem to be in the minority. If you want to help us out and prevent any future bans, when you play, use your Bonezee name. Knowing who we're dealing with at a glance is helpful when we're tempted to make snap decisions.


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