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yooooo it's ya boi it's ya gurl lo fi hip hop

there was somebody by the name of Necromonger doin some serious walling / aimbotting just now, for a while lol. asked em to stop and they just switched teams, apparently didn't... get... the issue. uh yeah anyway, just wanted to point that out.

thanks a brazilian,
li fo hop hip
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hey yo it's back again not just me haha but i mean the cheating dude... yeah. rejoined and they were gone, but they joined back and absolutely kekd everyone. Dragon was a witness if you need somebody to vouch.

k thanks and deepest regards
ya boi
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The guy who speaks in the third person and the guy who sounds like a budget DJ specializing in birthday parties posting in the same thread... It was bound to happen...

Anyway, he's been banned. And your demos work just fine Dragon.

Oh, you didn't use the third person... What's happening... I stand by the DJ comment though.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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