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Trouble connecting

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I noticed tonight that I only see DSA servers on the internet.

So I set out to connect to NJ COD via command line with:

Which gets me the "server uses a different protocol version:6
You Have to Install the Update to Call of Duty 4 v1.7

Now I've run this game for years and never had any issues. Any ideas??

I reinstalled, and will do so once more after I wipe out the registry entires but after that, I'm out of ideas. Can't manually update this to 1.7 and noticed my version looks to be 1.6 now.

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So it's not just me - but MANY MANY steam users. Steam downgraded digital back to 1.6 (Doh!) Anyway, looks like I found a solution. Unfortunately not going to advertise it here but it's an easy google search - hint: right click COD4 in steam then go to community then there's loads of info in there that take you somewhere else eventually.
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For steam owners of cod4 that got screwed today by steam's mystery downgrade, simply extract and copy the attached v1.7 file into your COD4 game directory.

I scanned the file, it's safe and I just got done playing on our server so there you go.

We don't need any DCMAs :) -G1
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