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Hi NJ team,

Been enjoying the server lately again. None of the new shooters are more fun than CoD4 sadly.

With that being said. I am leaving you guys a demo here. I haven't seen this type of shenanigans im a long time.

The guy was jumping around like crazy making jump shots with a RPD, shooting at people that I couldn't even see. Following people through smoke was obvious. Another perfect example of this is he shoots a guy in the marines spawn, who is hiding in the blown up car, with perfect accuracy and he didn't even take a second. just in the heat of the moment switched targets and made an impossible shot. Another instance prior to said shot is he shoots someone coming out of deli and quickly aims at the next person through the wall but instead thinks better and sprints + jumps and shoots them instead of just walling them.

The other thing I also noticed is he has Zero Recoil on every gun he was using. I also saw him have Zero spread but that was before i started recording and while he was using the AK47.

Players Name: I_Punch_Babies

I'll leave this demo in your hands NJ.
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Hi Maddog,

I am "i punch babies." I don't cheat, but I did have a very good round in the demo you recorded.

I go for jump shots when I know someone is behind a wall or some obstruction that I can't shoot through. I only saw one or two kills through smoke in the demo, but I saw one guy I shot who was on the edge of the smoke and you can see his outline. Other kills through the smoke come from spamming known spawns, spam in a general direction based on UAV, or firing at tracers. As far as the guy I shot in the car window, I don't really see how that's an impossible shot. I can see his head clearly and that is a very common spot for snipers. The guy I shot in the deli house was on radar, so I waited to see if he would peek me before going for him directly. I definitely have recoil, but that is mitigated by tap firing + grip. Even with this, however, I thought that it was very clear in the demo that I had recoil. People often accuse me of walling, but in a match like this I have almost 100% UAV uptime and nobody runs UAV Jammer for some reason. In addition, there is really nowhere unexpected to hide on an open map like Bog.

Again, I do not cheat, and I hope that upon reevaluation you will see that I am not cheating.

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The only reason why this demo was uploaded was because I used Uav jammer, dead silence and silenced weapon on the map prior to bog. You had multiple kills on me where you were following me through the walls, shooting me when I was using obscure places etc. I am not your typical run of the mill Cod4 player. I have a very long history Cod4 that dates back to it's origin. I

I've left the demo here for NJ admins to discuss because clearly, even with you justifying your actions, you can see via the demo that what you are saying just isn't entirely the case.

Also, for the record, I was not the only other person noticing said behavior.

I watched your game play while recording the demo that map. Afterwards I went ahead and loaded the demo into CoD4player. Pressed Numpad Period key which then draws player boxes. This clearly, even with uav, showed you make some pretty insane shots and follow people with pin point accuracy through walls. UAV doesn't help players to that extreme.

As for the "Common sniper Spot". This doesn't justify how easily and precisely you made the shot when you had multiple targets to shoot at. Saying you saw the player is kind of weird. Because in that instance when I slowed the frames down to watch. The player you shot had his head in the perfect position so that it was covered by the Car. Meaning there isn't any possible way for you to actually see them. Unless they moved into the window of the car and out from behind the engine/tire. Which wasn't the case. Also, you're using iron sights which makes it even more unlikely that you saw them. I can prove that point because I know for a fact that you can't see a person in that position from your position using iron sights.

That's like saying you saw the guy on Crossfire at Marine Spawn behind the blown up car at the top of the street from opfor spawn with iron sights and killed him. Impossible. Because at that distance and the way the game would blend the characters graphics and cars graphics would make you unable to see them. You would need to have a Sniper scope to even see the top of their helmet. Which is still extremely hard to see and is 1 of the hardest shots to make in CoD4 from Opfor construction spawn building 1st floor.

In conclusion, I do not agree with what you are saying. The facts that I saw in the demo clearly show you possibly cheating. The fact that you came here and posted is enough to prove my doubt about your legitimate play style.

Hence why the Demo is posted for the NJ Admins to discuss. And for me to not get into a post battle with you. It's their server and their decision. I'm just making them aware of what others and myself saw.
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FYI he has also used the names Mas Fuego, Tomato Tomato, among a few others... This was the player the admins had trouble with deciding upon because he also has the skill set and really good map knowledge. I had two more demos recently of him but decided against posting it because they were along the same "fine line" details in each. I'm aware that some hackers can use something that tells them when they're being specced or recorded (not sure which) - so I just post demos and let the Admins make the judgement call.. thanks Maddog.
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So I Punch Babies, I would *highly* suggest that you stick to a single name for a while.. let the admins and members/players get to know you better eventually until you reach "prime" status where you're insanely good, make people mad, but at the end - are well known and clear. When you switch out names, not only does it lend to suspicions from others but then nobody knows you all over again. You don't have to stick to one name, but I usually make good suggestions.
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Very good suggestion turbo. I have no problem killing and beating prime. I know his spots and how he plays. I have no problem holding my own against the best players on the server. But when someone blatantly shoots you through a wall, with your silent kit on, and the KC shows them following through said wall. that calls for a bit of suspicion. Or when using said kit you use an obscure position and they look at you, aim at wall and then come around the corner already aiming at you. that also calls for a bit of suspicion.

He wasn't really upsetting me. I still finished out on top of the team. But I only recorded the demo because he was ruining the fun for the others players on the server and he had a lot of doubtful kills on me while I was running my silent kit.

We also had a full server and people were obviously upset with him. Which resulted in the majority of the players leaving because of him. If I'm not mistaken I do believe you guys like to keep the server as enjoyable for everyone.

Which reminds me. I think Gryphus asked me to tone back my aggressive play style back when I 1st came to NJ's Server. So that there can be a balance between other players enjoyment and my own. Which for the most part I try and do my best at it.

My points for bonezee.
1) Pick a nickname and stick to it. (Good Idea Turbo)
2) Dial down you play style a bit.
3) Quit with ADS jump spam killing. (it looks super suspect when doing so with an RPD and easily helps people to believe you are hacking)
4) Resist the urge to make shots that would be highly questionable. (I know its hard but seriously make the effort)

But I'm going to stick to what my demo shows for now til a verdict comes out. Like I said. NJ's server their Decision.
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