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Muted on server and 403 forbidden on forums


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Just checking, would have been nice to have a heads up as well...

Also it seems as if you have removed my IP from having access to the forums as well.

Again a heads up would have been cool

Seeing as I have my own personal greeting when I join the server any chance you can add "prime has joined and does not have the ability to chat or report"


Also sorry for not responding to anyone but I can't so...
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I merged your two topics to make this a bit cleaner.

I think we can agree on a couple things here Prime. 1: You're not hacking, you simply know what you're doing and do it well. 2: Many people feel differently about number one.

I've always looked at Hardcore as a service to others. Looking at it as a service, I try to keep things fair, which means not banning skilled players such as yourself simply for being better than others. While we have and will continue to defend players who we believe are clean, you in particular, have caused us significant headaches, not because you're any better than others we've had, just less considerate.

We spend our time not just trying to keep a server clean for your enjoyment, but explaining how and why you're not hacking, and in return, we asked you for one thing, just one, to keep your bloody mouth shut when people complain about you in the server. But this was too much to ask apparently, something you simply couldn't live with. The knowledge that you can outplay most players is enough for many, but not you, should someone dare affront your honor you'll berate and belittle them until one of you gets bored, never-mind that they're speaking broken english or have a third your KDR. And before you start the "they started it" spiel, it doesn't matter, they are not the ones we asked to restrain themselves. Does this mean we're holding you to a higher standard? We absolutely are. We expect you to be capable of acting like an adult when dealing with children.

Even with your blatant disregard for our requests or time, I was willing to tolerate it. After all, you weren't hacking, and not enough of a problem to warrant a ban, so whatever. Then you started posting again, and they were rather irritating, but still, not hacking, not a big enough problem... But then, then you decided posting was too much effort and started posting snide little quips. They served no purpose, they weren't going to solve anything, just highlighting problems we were having in the snidest most grating way possible.

You seem confused as to why you would have been muted in the server, and yet for quite a few months now, you've been perfectly happy and our players haven't had to deal with you being an asshole at every opportunity. The IP ban on the forums would have been a normal ban, but the IP ban seemed to fit better with the whole muting theme. I would have banned your work phone and all the other IPs I have for you but I quite frankly didn't care if you figured it out.

Now Prime, I was surprised at how you handled yourself in that other thread. If you can manage to handle yourself as calmly and rationally as you did there with my post, well, up till Batman responded, we may be able to move forward. I would also encourage you to re-read my post because I won't be reiterating any of my points. This will not devolve into the repetitive circles our other conversations have.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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I haven't played for a while and just recently noticed, this is the first time anyone has said anything about me being muted. I follow the server rules and almost always have, a slip here or there. But just like you felt it necessary to respond to Iambatman after clearly going overboard and off the deep end. I too feel obligated to defend myself and game play. And I go about it in much the same way you did with him. Although I've never told anyone not to procreate, lmao that was good. I do take their score and style into account when defending myself. If this is how you would like it, that's how it well be with regard to my forum banning and server muting. It would be nice if it we're added to my server intro statement though. It's kinda rude when others ask me questions and I've been responding not knowing they can't see it though. "Prime has joined the server, he says hello to you all and prepare to die. He does not have the ability to chat though because.... Whatever you wish to insert.
Would that be fair?
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Prime I've removed the IP ban, and am willing to remove the mute if we can come to an understanding. If you can agree to just ignore the BS and be as pleasant as you were with your last few posts, we wouldn't have an issue.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Thank you for removing the IP ban, as far as the muting goes... I'm going to be real honest with you.
I will do my best to use a standard bind when replying.
Bind Please follow the rules and report in team chat only, Thank You.
Now it's up to them, and the admins to follow through unless this rule has changed. Asking not starting anything
As far as other comments go when it comes to game play and team members camping
and spawn trapping us... Man, all bets are off after 3-4 maps honestly, and I'm not alone here.
Also when some people do this, and costantly join my team to do it....
Again being honest here, I'm not sure I can hold back..
I will try, but like a fat kid likes cake... I know I'm gonna say something
Sorry in advance but they know who they are, just like we all do

Handshake? Bro Hug? High Five? I was being honest
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