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Server Rules link - getting error, I have questions about the rules, do you have answers?


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What is the NJ policy on team joining at the start of the new map? (pick one)
(a) All Players are expected to auto join and not pick a specific side (marines) in order to promote team balancing from the start
(b) All Players except NJ members, moderators, and admins must auto join to join teams, meanwhile NJ staff have the right to pick a specific side (marines) within reason upon initially joining a team from the start of a new map. If you see a non-NJ player joining the same side all the time, please send Gryphus a private message! Thank you Turbo!
(c) Actually there are no rules for this, and players can choose any side they wish to be on during the initial joining session at the start of a new map.

What is the NJ policy for using Rocket launchers?
(a) We don't encourage use as a primary weapon, but don't !report someone overusing the rocket launcher if no admins are on since it's an unwritten rule that can be enforced on a whim, depending on the admin.
(b) Actually Turbo, I totally forgot that we were going to disable rocket launchers, I'll get that taken care of right away! And furthermore, it does make so much sense Turbo, since we already have 3 frags and noob tubes disabled. Thank you for staying on top of this! We are so happy with you keeping you reye on the ball, allow us to pull together a new PC for you as our way of saying thanks!
(c) Rocket Launcher usage is subjective as to when we consider someone over-using it and don't worry about it if no admins are on since we allow usage of the rocket launchers overall.
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We strongly encourage people we have influence over (people wearing our tags) to use auto-assign and to switch to the losing team mid-match for balance, but ultimately we leave to the individual to choose whether or not to be a dick.

RPGs are allowed. Excessive use (ie using as a primary weapon) is not allowed. So using two RPGs kamikazeing, respawning and doing it again, isn't permitted. This is left to admin discretion.


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