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Okim Badeye worth a look, WH


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One of those close calls. I think it's worth a look. He has crappy ping, seemed to be looking wherever then enemy player would appear later. Like everytime - but was careful not to 'track' so it's again, a tough call. Just don't recognize the name, has crappy ping, and I wouldn't know who has UAV jammer going or not.

Demo attached.
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And another map/demo. I've never tried these hacks before, is it the case that some kind of 'mark' appears, like an outline around every player on the map regardless of distance? Many examples of this player suddenly looking in another direction to shoot another enemy even while dealing with an enemy he's seen at the same time. But also, there's examples - like when Krishna Das is at the sniper wall, when he didn't notice or look - or maybe was trying to deal with another.
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