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Sometimes I see players guns fire rate be faster than normal while not using Double Tap perk


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I looked this up using various google search strings but couldn't find anything clear cut. Posting what I have here because I don't know enough about what I saw to decide yes or no on whether this is some kind of hack. My FPS is ranging from 250-300+ so I don't think it's GPU related.

I was just watching Pamaj use an AK-47 and noticed his ping was around 170ish but his AK was firing faster than mine - in both cases, neither of us were using Double Tap perk. I disconnected, put the double tap perk on my AK kit then came back in, and with double tap my AK rate of fire was much faster than Pamaj's. I'd say Pamaj's AK rate of fire was somewhere in between normal and double tap speed. He said the reason for this might be due to "lag", then he added "no ban please", then finally he said he didn't know. I told him I'm not an admin and was just curious. I tend to give low level players that are cleaning house a second or third eye...

- Is this an offset benefit gained from using a No Recoil hack? His gun's rate of fire was fast enough that I didn't really notice the gun jumping much. But I haven't seen a No Recoil in action for a long long time so not sure there.
- Or are there config file settings one could use to "optimize" the rate of fire?

It's not the first time I've seen this from some other players, but I am much more proactively curious during the daytime lol.

Demo posted...

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Hey Turbo, I think the rate of fire is normal as when he switches to the dropped M4; the rate is the same. I don't know about configs, but I heard that you could adjust the recoil/rate of fire using a hack. As for Pamaj, I'm leaning more towards lag/latency. As it's the holidays, let's wait till next year for a more conclusive answer. Pretty sure every admin is enjoying the holidays...for I ...am bedridden due to a lousy shitty "China #1" tourist who lost control of a Mustang and rammed my car on the side injuring my left leg.

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The game engine CoD ran on until more recent games has some FPS-related quirks. If you keep your FPS set at a constant 125FPS, there are slight advantages to your movement speed, strafing, and gun control (which can appear to be improved fire rate). If you set your FPS to 250, there are significant advantages to strafing. If you set your FPS to 333, there are slight advantages to jump height and strafing.


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Oh wow Fruits, that sucks. I hope you feel better soon man.

Lunar, ok seems like I was right in not jumping to conclusions, I felt like maybe it was related to FPS and like where mine's at - I've been slowly learning how to jump to some of those harder to reach places, all legit spots for sure. Slowly for me = maybe a new spot per month. LOL
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I actually have a toggle to switch between 125, 250, and 333 so that I can switch very quickly between different framerate caps. CoD4 actually has a built-in method to bind a toggle. I can't remember exactly what it is off the top of my head, but next time I'm at my computer I can post if if you would like.


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The command (one line) in one of my profile mp CFGs is:
seta com_maxfps "150"

I have some of Bam's toggle binds, lines here:
bind F1 "toggle cg_fov 65 80"
bind F2 "toggle r_gamma 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 2.0 2.2"
bind F3 "toggle sensitivity 2.0 3.0 4.0 4.5 4.7 5.0; <sens"
bind F4 "toggle m_pitch 0.044 0.033 0.022 0.015;<m_pitch"
bind F5 "toggle m_yaw 0.032 0.026 0.022 0.018;<m_yaw"
bind F6 "toggle r_picmip 2 1 0 3; r_applypicmip; <picmip"
bind F7 "toggle r_lodscalerigid 3 2 1 4; <lodsr"
bind F8 "toggle r_lodscaleskinned 3 2 1 4;<lodss"
bind F9 " SelectStringTableEntryInDvar FPS FPS r_fullbright 1"

Then I'm not quite sure with the com_maxfps line would mirror the format for r_gamma above or would require a ";<some_command" at the end like the other lines. Not sure what those are actually.
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bind \ "toggle com_maxfps 125 250"

333 FPS is great, but later versions of Promod bestowed tinnitus on those who graced it with too many 3s.

Not sure if this was in Bam's post, but while I'm in my config, here are some things I found helpful.

bind MOUSE2 "+speed_throw; +holdbreath"
bind KP_UPARROW "toggle name crabstab \"c r a b s t a b\" croutonFilets UnitedNavels crabstabulas Chickenwing69 SnatchelSatchel \"PHILIPI NES\" PankoCannon MeinKamfort beastregards \"Sir Rare loins\" Luftwaffeln RufusT.Firefly \"Shickan Wang\" RichardCheddar WetWamen MeinKampost backhanSOLO Nadearang"
bind KP_MINUS "toggle name TheFrenchArmy; wait 1000; quit"


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