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Dang3rou$ R4w not sure, maybe watch the demo?


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I saw some wicked multi kills that might've been some AB. Started recording and he either toggle completely off or I over-reacted. Demo is not going to capture it very well but maybe you'll see something?

Then in a later map (not recording at this point) he talked about the old days with another player. Both players had a "4" in their name and have not seen both on before. Already forgot the other guy's name - other guy's ping was horrendous, but he was very very talkative. I asked him if his name was Vomit at one point, LOL.
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I concur, I do try to be discreet about watching peeps but I might need to pull a log out, come in under a different name and then quietly record. I know the "smarter" players probably know exactly what's happening when an NJ goes to specate and is still chatting - lol.
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Hi Guys. Fruits, sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you are okay and heal quickly.

dangerous used to be an admin on the MIL COD4 server. He is an extremely good player and knows the game inside out. I have never known him to hack in any way he is just very experienced. For your consideration.


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!!!!!! Boards is ALIVEEEEEEEE when can we hear your "alright men, put your underpants on cuz we're going in deep." Ah..............at the time you said that I was sipping on some coffee and listening to some carol song...and somehow, at the time, seemed so fitting. Miss you Mr. Boards!

Don't quote my quotes!

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Thanks Boards, and welcome back! Hey, for my sake, do you think I could sport a modified NJ tag like "NJNW"? Stands for Net Jam Neighborhood Watch.. lol nevermind, that would be an obvious tip off.

Oh an, sorry Dangerous if you happen to see this thread! I just didn't know you...I watch everyone I don't know that is mopping the floor with the other teams bodies!
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