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COD4 - seeing a new menu option for Auto-Update ???


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Personally, I would recommend uninstalling all of CoD4 and removing all related files, and re-installing from Steam or your disk, etc. The 1.8 client is a privately made, closed-source cracked client which is forced onto your computer when you connect to any CoD4 server running version 1.8. The fact that you're being asked to "Auto-Update" means it's already running on your computer. While there are a lot of pros to the client (Longer client names, backup master server lists, better anti-cheat features, better client ID's, and others which I'm not very familiar with), I consider it to be dangerously invasive. The client ties into Steam, VAC bans, your user files, and more, effectively giving the developer (again, a private individual) full access to your computer. Because the client is closed-source, it is practically impossible for anyone to know exactly what the client software is doing, if anything. Last time I looked, upon installation it updates a lot of settings in windows, your user files, and Steam.

One thing to note is if you play on a CoD4 server that is running the server version of 1.8, it automatically installs the 1.8 client on your computer, without approval from you. Note that when doing so, it "asks" if you want to install the client on your computer, but lo and behold it asks that from inside the 1.8 client. The approval it asks for is really only to replace your 1.7 client with the 1.8 client. The 1.7 client was made by the game's original developers, Infinity Ward.

If you do have/use the 1.8 client, it is my personal recommendation to uninstall it by completely uninstalling and removing all CoD4 files from your computer and then reinstalling. While it's very possible nothing malicious will come of using the 1.8 client, I personally like to be cautious and not give anyone backdoor access to my computer.


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Wow, thanks for the details Lunar, I had no idea it was invasive. I had joined a couple servers so I believe it has to be one or the other.

The Best of COD Maps and the newly returned RE servers. I noticed the RE servers are different than before, and wonder if this 1.8 version will show on either server's info tab before joining, perhaps I can find out. Hope it's not the Best of... server, I'm really digging some of those custom maps (they use the openwarfare mod).

Thanks again, I will reinstall before playing again!

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