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mas fuego aka ILOVEYOU // possible WH


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Per another admin's request, I replied that I would post up my recent demos for the player I Love You who I just figured out is playing on the server with another profile 'mas fuego'. I thought another player by the nickname "mas fuego" looked suspicious just a bit ago and after watching him, and while recording, I recognized his style of play to be the same as the player ILOVEYOU. I told Bam this in open chat and I Love You responded with "si" in chat indicating that it was the same player. I also have another more recent, but slightly older, demo of him playing as I Love You.

I have another few older demos of him attached to the "Former RE players requesting vetting (or something close to that subject line)" thread that is also in this forum. Refer to that thread for the older demos.

SO many players have complained about this particular player. I think he should get another 'look' because I personally think he is WH but in a more obscure way - as in toggling on/off. But if you watch these demos, you'll see that he sometimes slips "out of character" and seems to have ESP multiple times. I often have trouble getting other players to let me know whether they have UAV jammer or not. Anyhow, another NJ admin plus MANY players have shown concern here. This player isn't rude or anything, and to be honest - I've learned a couple new ways to get up to certain higher places (legit places) watching him play.

This one is very interesting to me - because his case is making me observe things even more closely (as best as I can) and the final outcome/decision from multiple admins will help me determine some of the 'harder cases' in the future with other suspicious players.

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I couldn't get anything that I would definitively say, yes, that's a strike. He makes some interesting calls, but as you eluded to, he does seem to be a skilled player. So yeah...

I would like some opinions on this as well.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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I didn't ask but I watched IMTHEGREATEST's play style because I noticed he was racking in so many kills on each map. I've attached a FULL map's worth of his playing in the map ambush. I didn't ever chat to the guys to ask who had UAV jammer but take a look at 'chef' from the sewers, this guy seemed to be tracking him around the cars and what not and waited for chef to exit the other sewer. As I watched, he never saw chef until the end. If you could tell if chef had uav jammer, then I wonder how he heard him with all the other stuff going on? It wasn't even close at the end. What also bothers me is his periodical name changing which a lot of us do, me included, but in this case it just makes me more suspicious. His attitude is OK, so not an openly arrogant character. He's also willing to answer other's questions without poking fun so there's some maturity there - but then again, some of the world's best hackers could also mop the floor with their acting too..look at Root from the Person of Interest show. LOL

Another thing I noticed, this dude is like doing the 'Assassin's Creed' shit with all the jumping onto other hard to get to areas. I would love to know how he is jumping so effortlessly onto these higher places when I always seem to have a hard time of it? I'm talking without him strafe jumping. It doesn't make sense unless there's a config setting to allow one to jump slightly higher? I intend to figure this one out because if it's a legit setting, I'd like to use it too.

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Hi Turbo, I am IMTHEGREATEST/i love you. I watched a bit of the demo and I noticed that it didn't show when I had radar. Back when I played on the RE servers, their reporting system generated a demo from the player's perspective so you could see when radar was up and when it wasn't. The chef guy was not running UAV jammer, so that's how I knew he was in the sewers. I change names whenever I hit level 55 because I like starting fresh and it gives me some sense of progression. I don't cheat, but obviously that's for you guys to decide, not me.

As far as the jumping goes, 333 fps give you the highest jumps and sometimes you can reach even higher places by crouching right after jumping.

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Thanks Bonezee, I'm sure it's OK to speak for NJ when I say we just try our best to make sure the server is cheat free. You are an exceptional player, I've learned a lot from watching you play, especially getting up those places I hadn't considered before lol. The reason for all this concern is a lot of the 'slower' players have voiced concern in team chat. I've caught quite a few from my recordings that resulted in a ban. As you can see, NJ admins are not quick to pull the trigger.

We've had a couple other long-time legit players (ie.. Rice, Prime, and Stalker, (and bam??) and it's just that way with them too, each went through a lot of scuriny in the beginning but none ever got banned because at the end of the day, they're all just great players!

Thanks for taking the time to post and I can say that for myself, I may still record your play - mainly so I can learn from you some more! :)

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Forgot to also say thanks for pointing out the FPS, I may see if my rig and card (1060 6GB) can pull in 333, I knocked it back down to 150 fixed due to some recommendations but I may have to experiment with that again. I know I used 250 before so I think some experiments are in order *rubs hands together*
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