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My NJ tag was removed?

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The title says it as it is, after my first ban i surely improved and followed the rules. I did not play for a month or so, when i came back i was told by Spazza i think (not directly) that my tag was removed so i removed NJ from my in-game username. I'd like to know the reason why my tag was removed.Sorry for posting it here but i didn't see anywhere else it would fit and Gryphus didn't respond to my PMs so yeah. Thanks for your time in advance!
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Your statements combined with the ban I thought made the reason your tags were removed quite clear. However, I should have informed you that they had been revoked, so for that I apologize.

There are no hard feelings on our part. You are just not a good fit here. You're welcome to continue playing on Hardcore and participate in the forums if you like.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Fine by me, no hard feelings either. But what statements are you talking about? If it was the one that led to ban, did I or did I not improve. If it was the discord one then I really don't know what to say since I did apologize to Rattle as my outburst was due to exam stress. Anyway thanks for your time.
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