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Lucky - very lucky or not? Not sure....


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Player name was Lucky and for a couple maps we (meaning myself, Mal, and a couple others) noticed he was getting a lot of accurate behind wall shots. This time I am not sure and based on what I recorded (attached), I'd have a hard time making the call. But I confirmed at least Mal and one other were using UAV jammer before I started recording. At a minimum, I'd say he has smoke disabled - and knows where to direct fire so I'd say he's good. But also, he might be very good at hiding any possible hacks too. This one's a hard call, would be curious to know what the admins think about this one? Based on your answers, I'd probably learn something as well.

Also, I've always wondered because I don't really look into how these hacks work. Regarding no recoil, WH, AB, etc - are these hacks something a player could toggle on and off during play or does it usually need to always be running before the map starts and can't be stopped easily? I often see the terms toggle on and toggle off when mad players are yelling at an obvious cheater, but I always wondered if that is really how these work?

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I haven't seen anything Turbo. Well one or two kills on Gareth at the end portion..is/was questionable. I've replayed the demo 3 times of parts I've seemed to miss, and did catch on that there was a clear visual markings (Meaning the player was visible and was in the field of vision). I've been told that there are several hacks that have notifications or chimes that warns the player that he/she is being spectated and yes a toggle to turn on/off is also something that I'd been told that it exists.
In the demo, he had 90% of UAV uptime and he will blindly shoot/ wall bang towards the red dot location. In addition, even if one has a UAV Jammer w/ silenced attachments... I don't know why but sometimes players with the specified attachments pops up sometimes (This is something that I have confirmed playing with admins in the prime years). My hypothesis is: player throwing a grenade will trigger the player as if he/she is shooting a non-silenced weapon/ an enemy team has spotted the uav jammed player and is shooting at him/her/ bugs or glitches in the game...I don't know. And this portion is referring to Mal being shot behind the heli's metal plate where he isn't visible, yet the UAV was up at the time. In addition, was Mal using a silenced weapon as well?

Oh but when I turned on the boxes for the Cod4 player feature, I thought he was hacking haha, until I replayed it and saw bullet traces/muzzle flashes and so on.

Thanks for the report though.

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