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Net-Jam Has a Discord!

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We are moving into the 21st century and I am proud to announce Net-Jam's new discord server!

https://discord.gg/eQJy7kt (Fixed)

The current channels are subject to change based on user demand, but for now come hang out in #general. We're trying to get as many people in as possible, I'll hang out and chat too. Also, we're taking suggestions for custom emojis, so send them my way!

"Don't quote my quotes!" -Fruits

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Apparently the 21st century has expired.

Don't you miss the days of the pre-historic 21st century, where you link to an IP address or easy to remember URL that you could define yourself? Something like ts.net-j.am. Those were the days...

(Teamspeak is going nowhere btw.)


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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