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I subscribed to this site hoping to eliminate my satellite television and save some money each month, but I am not getting the same quality I was with Dish Network.
All of my friends raved about this site, but I have yet to be able to access the same quality level as they have described. I was looking forward to catching up on some old movies and watching some Net-Jam originals I have heard good things about, such as House of Cards and Haters Back Off. However, not only are there no new releases, the only programming I have found are videos about video game hackers and 3 second gifs.
Do I need to unblock my cookies or something to access all of the content??

"When I got in to ask and talk to you you were just keeping kicking me..." - HikariNozomi (Dec. 20, 2021)

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I'm sorry to hear you've found your service unsatisfactory. The recent cancellation of the Net-Jam original series Game of Tubes was primarily due to scheduling conflicts with the Special Olympics. We are however working on something new which should satisfy your desire for original content. While it's still too early to fully reveal, I can share the first teaser of our new program.


Rest assured that the Net-Jam original series Bilibbeanos Gone Wild will continue to air as scheduled.

Would you like a $5 bill credit?

in order to unlock all the content, you must donate $1,000 to all current NJA'S and NJSA'S
Cutting out the Modera...middle-man. I like it.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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