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Fake Complaint

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Too many Aussies.

Sorry if redundant.

WAy too many of these folks.

They act like just because they are in the other side of the world they don't have to help as much as humans.

Toally ratcist and unfart.* Pbbb T

Next time an Aussie comes up to me on ear mic and says, :I'm gonna vixxt Murica:, I 'm gonna be all lies, :"Good, because I am capable of understanding you nature...and if you aren't screened for spiders along the way I wil make GOSH darn shoor you don't get them over the plane boarders.
We play baseball with not actual bats. We have little bats that tell your HUGE bats to BACK OFF

Please vizzt here humble angel Aussie.

We like cartoons and life.

No offense.

Nachos are king. Trump is what he is. Everything is as it is supposed to be.

Take off your platform shoes if you wish to dance..

"When I got in to ask and talk to you you were just keeping kicking me..." - HikariNozomi (Dec. 20, 2021)

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