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  2. Sorry for the very delayed response. I've fixed the problem.
  3. I banned you for harassing other players. As far as I'm concerned the ban stays.
  4. In-game name: computersaysnoo I haven't played for about 7-8 days now and when I tried to join the server this evening, I disconnected from it automatically without any other explanations than "server disconnected". Is this a ban? And if so, why?
  5. Hey team, Just banned c+ Railgun for a wall hack. Toggling it on pretty hard throughout the maps, video 3 and 4 are where he toggled the hardest. I doubled checked and most of these players had UAV Jammer and Dead Silence as perks. railgunv1.dm_1 railgunv2.dm_1 railgunv3.dm_1 railgunv4.dm_1 railgunv5.dm_1
  6. Last week
  7. do I need to write Ban Appeal in my subject line or something? Why no response?
  8. Not the best demo, but this gentleman was tracking quite a bit. In the first few seconds you see him track the players running down the stairs to the alleyway. Irene was also present and can testify to my suspicions. Thanks! L2-AIM.dm_1
  9. Hi I'mm Poopy Butt, I got banned with no reason, can you explain why? Thank you, love you Poopy
  10. It's showing me banned, again.
  11. Can you check into this please? Thanks
  12. MrMarksy

    Ban Appeal

    Hi NJ admins, I tried joining the main server this morning and it said I was banned, even though I have not done anything wrong against the rules. Can I get unbanned? Thanks
  13. Aight. Thanks for clearing it up Lunar
  14. Thanks for the demo. I banned him while he was on earlier.
  15. Pretty Obvious cid8.dm_1
  16. Earlier
  17. Server is in California. If the problem is intermittent, it's almost certainly an issue with your WiFi. If you have someone downloading anything, or streaming, etc. via your WiFi it can cause lag.
  18. Ok, so I'm confused on where the NJ COD4 server's location is. my internet sometimes lets me do well and other times its complete garbage. I'm trying to find out just because I'm curious if this is my wifi router's problem or if its just something I can't control.
  19. Lo unico que puedo decir es que: JAJAJAAJA POBRES DIABLOS CAGADOS Y MUERTOS DE HAMBRE, si estan apelando su entrada a Net Jam es porque no tienen nada mas que jugar, y veo que todas las basuras estan aqui, hasta ese tal Andy jajajaja. Ni hablar, vallan a mandarse fotos de sus pijas entre ustedes <3

    BW Ban Appeal

    Much love bro GG

    BW Ban Appeal

    No sir, you’re right we did wrong. We apologize for the inconvenience we have caused in your server including with admins and it’s players. For breaking you guys rules. we wish you guys well in the future and keep rocking it with the server, it’s truly the best server out there to this day, so that sure tells you why is has come down to this long ass argument over nonsense. GG NJ -[BW]BlackWater
  22. I speak for all, we have not been offensive with you or other members of NJ, we have accepted our mistakes, before they silenced us we committed ourselves to Lunar (Maybe) that this would not happen again. We did it until we were silenced, for that reason we asked you the real reason for our ban. I know that you are a respectful person, I offer my opinions also if my language has not been adequate here. We want to go in peace with you if we definitely won't be playing on your server again. It is a real pity. If you want to speak to us privately, perhaps with Sossa to reach an agreement we are willing. Thank you very much.
  23. Citron

    BW Ban Appeal

    Show must go on. Have fun ^^
  24. Seems I was off by a couple years on your origin. My apologies. Not sure how my responses have been inconsistent. This correction on the dates is, I think, the second time any of you has directly responded to a point I made. So, want address any of the other lies and/or inaccuracies I've been questioning? G1
  25. G1, I'm just doing this to shut your mouth. Unfortunately I did not find an older video, but you will be able to see our server since 2015. We weren't interested in being in Game Tracker, maybe that's why you didn't know about us before. Nor do I want to discuss our appeal further. We only expected a single consistent response, we never received it from you. You just say that it includes examples of the rules, perhaps the most serious was to see that at one point in time there were only 2 NJ players while we were 8 or 10 times of BW on your server. I slowly retire and leave this here. Roscón! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTx60DrB1ic
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